Donate Food

Food donations are a great way to support our programs. We gladly accept food donations of any size, whether it’s from an organized food drive or simply donating a few items from your pantry. Following is basic information about making a food donation, such the type of items we accept and how to donate them. Please contact us if you would like more detailed information, have questions, or would like marketing materials/logos to use.

How To Donate

Food donations may be dropped at our headquarters located at New Hope Community Church (16800 W 9th Ave. Golden, CO 80401) during our Fresh Food Co-op hours of operation:

Monday – Wednesday 1:30pm-5:30pm
Thursday – Friday 8:30am-1:00pm

You do not need to schedule a time to drop off your donations. However, we appreciate knowing when you plan on dropping off a donation, especially for larger donations. We are also happy to arrange to pick-up your food donation. Please contact us to notify us of a planned donation, or to request a donation pick-up. We request contact information for anyone making a food donation so that we may appropriately record and acknowledge all donations.

Organizing A Food Drive

Food collection drives are a great way for groups (such as businesses, youth groups, student clubs, or community groups) to support our work. If you are organizing a food drive we appreciate knowing this in advance. This helps us be prepared to accept the donation, and we can help support your event by supplying marketing materials and advertising your event through our communication channels. We also love to receive photos from your event that we can post on social media and use in marketing materials (with your permission).

What Items Are Accepted

We will accept any shelf stable food items, but prefer to receive items that can be used in our weekend sack program (see list below). Any items that can’t be used for that program will be utilized by our Fresh Food Co-op program. Any items donated need to meet the following safety standards:

We can also accept donations of fresh food items (such as produce, dairy, frozen foods, etc.) for use in the Co-op. Please contact us if you wish to donate these types of items to discuss specifics on what items we will accept and applicable safety standards.

Weekend Sack Program Needed Items

The following is a list of the types of items we need for our weekend sack program. Breakfast and fruit items are our most needed items. When possible, we prefer to use healthier options (such as oatmeal over sugary cereal, organic food, or meat packed in water instead of oil). We also need items that can be used for kids with dietary restrictions such as gluten free, nut free, or vegan.

Breakfast Items:
Vegetable/Fruit Items: (~15 oz)
Entree Items: (~15 oz)
Snack Items: