Fresh Food Co-op helps in time of need

Fresh Food Co-op helps in time of need

Having been out of the workforce for almost 12 years I was devastated when I found myself to be a single parent of 7 children and and sharing 50% responsibilities of an infant grandson. I had no idea how i was going to be able to feed, house and clothe those children. Thankfully the parent liaison from my children’s elementary school referred me to The Fresh Food Co-Op. I was still a little apprehensive about using another food pantry due to feeling like a burden at other local pantries. It was so nice to feel at home going to The Fresh Food CO-Op and seeing other parents from my children’s school. The registration process took just minutes and the shopping experience was amazing. It was nice to see my children and my community having fresh fruit and vegetable choices that families like me may not be able to have otherwise. Thank you Fresh Food Co-Op!! -Nicol

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The Golden Backpack Program & partners are in the midst of a city-wide Food Drive to support our local children, families & individuals.

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