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Peggy Halderman
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Peggy Halderman

Born into a Navy family, Peggy traveled from Maine to California by way of Florida, Texas, Iceland and Europe, ultimately studying business and political science at Michigan State and University of Maryland. She chose public service for her career, working on Capitol Hill and the National Park Service for 32 years and then retiring to return to school to become an executive chef to launch her personal chef business.

During her retirement, Peggy has given back to her community through the Rotary Club of Golden.  Along the way she discovered the issue of hidden childhood hunger that led to the founding of the Golden Backpack Program.  In the first decade of this program, she connected with other U.S. communities, sharing techniques and experiences of the Golden Backpack Program. Through her activism, her work was recognized by Rotary International President Sekuji Tanaka in his recommendation of Peggy to the White House as one of twelve Rotary Champions of Change in 2013, read about it here. From weekend sacks of food through the addition of a summer lunch program and, more recently, the opening of the Fresh Food Co-op, the program has grown in strength throughout the community. With an outstanding board of directors and executive director, Peggy felt confident that the work of the GBP is in good hands and retired (for the second time) to travel and enjoy tapestry weaving.